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Volunteer Information

Hundreds of volunteers patrol Isle of Palms and Sullivan's Island beaches every nesting season from May to August. Every volunteer attends training and commits to walking a section of the beach one day a week for the entire turtle nesting season. For example, a volunteer would walk from Breach Inlet to 9th Avenue every Tuesday. Different volunteers walk this section on the other days of the week.

Residents of Isle of Palms and Sullivan's Island are given preference, but many of our volunteers arrive from off-island on their designated morning. Each section of beach is assigned two or more volunteers who meet at sunrise and walk their assigned length of beach to check for turtle tracks. More than one volunteer is assigned in case someone cannot walk on their day. We also have volunteers on call as substitutes. Historically, we have had a waiting list for new volunteers, so send an email and get your name added if you are interested. 

Please note that we do not have volunteer positions available for visitors. All volunteer positions require availability for the four months of the turtle season.

If you qualify and are interested in volunteering, please email the link on the contact page.

Our sea turtles are irreplaceable. Let’s save them.

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