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Support Sea Turtle Research

The Island Turtle Team has been working with Dr. Brian Shamblin of the University of Georgia to analyze DNA samples from sea turtle nests in NC, SC, and GA. One eggshell is collected from each loggerhead nest laid on our beaches as part of a multi-state genetics research project. Through this testing, we have learned valuable information about the location and frequency of nesting patterns of the turtles and discovered filial relationships. Recently, Dr. Shamblin discovered that one of the turtles laying on Isle of Palms has six daughters all with the same father. The daughters began nesting in 2018.


Federal funding cuts are threatening to put a halt to this innovative and groundbreaking research. Collection and analysis of the samples from the three states can cost as much as $100,000 a season.


Please connect with this Go Fund Me link to contribute toward continuing our research.


Thank you.

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